Are you an athlete and wonder if you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, what is your cholesterol level, thyroid marker, glucose and uric acid?

In collaboration with EUC laboratories, testing from blood and urine.
Price: 4000 CZK
Tests in the package
Blood count LDL cholesterol Mg
Uric acid HDL cholesterol Ionized Ca
Creatinine Triacylglycerols Iron
ALT Glucose Ferritin
AST Glycated hemoglobin Vitamin D
CK TSH Urine - chemical analysis
Total bilirubin CRP Urin sediment
Cholesterol Myoglobin


  1. You will receive from me by e-mail your request for collection in the laboratory.
  2. You will come to the laboratory for collection as a self-payer, so you pay directly to the collection laboratory at the collection point.
  3. We will arrange a consultation date, price 600 CZK.
  4. According to the laboratory results, I will recommend suitable foods for the consultation and we will compile a basic menu.