Do you experience any of these symptoms after eating food?

  • itchy burning on the lips, mouth or throat, sometimes even swelling
  • burning and watering eyes itching ears
  • hives, swelling, eczema
  • difficulty breathing
  • nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea
  • anaphylactic shock: fainting, collapse, there is a risk of respiratory arrest

A food allergy may be the cause. To implement a successful treatment, you need to know exactly which allergens are critical for you. I cooperate with the SYNLAB laboratory, based on the results I will help you draw up a menu.


Determination from blood in cooperation with the SYNLAB laboratory.

Price:  5 490 CZK

The ALEX allergy test tests 117 allergen extracts and 178 molecular allergens (components). The test tests for antibodies of the IgE class.

Which allergens does this test detect?

Food allergens

  • foods of animal origin - milk, eggs, meat, fish and seafood
  • foods of plant origin - legumes, nuts, seeds, cereals (grains), fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, spices

Inhalation allergens

  • pollens - grass pollens, tree pollens, herb pollens
  • yeast and mold - yeast, mold, dust mite, house dust mite, food mite

Insect stings and insects – eg bees, wasps, cockroaches, ants

Animal allergens (animal epithelium) - domestic animals, farm animals

Others - latex, parasites, plants, CCD


  1. You will receive from me by e-mail your request for collection in the laboratory.
  2. You will come to the laboratory for collection as a self-payer, so you pay directly to the collection laboratory at the collection point.
  3. We will arrange a consultation date.
  4. According to the laboratory results, I will recommend suitable foods for the consultation and we will compile a basic menu.


  • Avoid fatty foods and alcohol before sampling.
  • In the morning before sampling, do not smoke, drink a sufficient amount of water (1/4 liter of water or unsweetened tea).