• Do you want to include healthy foods in your diet and you don't know how?
  • Are you an active athlete and do not know how to support regeneration and increase sports performance?
  • Are you a vegan or a vegetarian and you are not sure if your diet contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients?
  • The Healthy Program is just for you.

       Healthy diet
      ● Athlete's health
       Vegetarian and vegan health

      At the nutritional consultation, I will check your diet, suggest changes, recommend suitable foods and recipes. In cooperation with the biochemical laboratory, you have the opportunity to find out from your blood what your cholesterol, glucose and thyroid markers are . For athletes and vegans and vegetarians, I offer the determination of selected vitamins and minerals , which are often deficient.


    "Our body is like a house. When it is clean, we live well in it."

    Our body has great self-healing and corrective abilities. If well nourished and cleaned. Parasites, heavy metals, stress, toxins from food, the environment and cosmetics, and intestinal deposits burden us and may be related to a number of diseases.

    I offer a detoxification route based on food with detoxifying effects, plant extracts and herbs.