Anonymous and clinically accurate test results from an independent and certified laboratory, the easiest way to test your levels at home:

  • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • vitamin D
  • HbA1c


  1. You purchase a test kit from me with the selected test.
  2. At home, you simply collect a miniature drop of blood, which you apply to the measuring card.
  3. Mail the test kit to the laboratory.
  4. You can find the result and its evaluation according to the code of the test set on the web interface of the laboratory.


Zinzino's BalanceTest is a simple self-test that, after taking capillary blood from the finger, allows analysis of the contained fatty acids using the dry blood drop (DBS) technique.

  • An easy-to-perform self-test using a dry drop of blood
  • It measures the amount of 11 fatty acids in your blood
  • It provides data on your omega-6:3 balance

Price: €155.00

Vitamin D Test

The Vitamin D Test reveals the current amount of vitamin D in the blood and helps to adjust the nutritional needs of vitamin D. It is quick, simple and its result is summarized in a clear graphic.

After completing the test, you will get an overview of your vitamin D level and receive recommendations on how to manage or improve the level, tailored to you. It is recommended that you take the test every 120 days to monitor your condition and adjust your income and lifestyle to seasonal fluctuations.

Price: €69.00

HbA1c Test 

We will determine your long-term blood sugar levels in the context of your diet and overall habits and guide you towards a future full of health and well-being. The test includes a lifestyle assessment and tailored recommendations for diet, activity and exercise.

  • Long-term blood sugar measurement
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Includes assessment of type 2 diabetes risk
  • Personal recommendations to improve your health

Price: €69.00