The aim of complex biochemical analyzes from the laboratory is to search for the causes of your problems.

Who is the test suitable for? If you have:

  • skin problems - eczema, acne, dry skin or inflammatory skin processes
  • nail brittleness
  • brittleness and hair loss

The package includes:

Vitamin A - deficiency:

  • deterioration of the skin condition: pigment - so-called age spots, dry and scaly skin, acne and eczema
  • vision - night blindness, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome
  • reduced immunity

Vitamin E

  • It slows down aging
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Cancer prevention
  • Prevents the appearance of age-related pigmentation
  • Improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin, reduces peeling

Vitamin B 12

  • a low level reduces the production of red blood cells
  • extremely important in the process of cell division.


  • maintains the functionality of nails, hair and skin
  • immunity

In cooperation with EUC laboratories, blood and urine determinations.
Price: 2195 CZK


  1. You will receive from me by e-mail your request for collection in the laboratory.
  2. You will come to the laboratory for collection as a self-payer, so you pay directly to the collection laboratory at the collection point.
  3. We will arrange a consultation date, its price is included in the price of the package.
  4. According to the laboratory results, I will recommend suitable foods for the consultation and we will compile a basic menu.


  • Urine tubes are available at the collection point.
  • The request is valid for 14 days from the time it is sent via e-mail.
  • If you have a positive test for COVID-19, we recommend postponing the examination for 1 month after recovery.
  • If you feel sick (flu, fever and respiratory problems), you should undergo an examination no earlier than 1 month after the symptoms have subsided.
  • If you have undergone antibiotic treatment, you should not undergo the examination earlier than 3 months after stopping the use of antibiotics.
  • If these rules are not followed, there is a high probability that the examination results will be significantly distorted and it will not be possible to use them.
  • Women who have a menstrual cycle must go for collection up to 3 days after the cycle, the nurse will ask you for urine.