Are you thinking of adding young barley juice to your diet? Or Chlorella Pyrenoidosa? How about both? Their effects are supported. I will be happy to be your guide on the Green Ways journey.

We grow green (young) barley in specific conditions in the cleanest places on our planet (specifically in the area of ​​the former freshwater lake in Utah, USA). We harvest and dry green barley using special methods so that the maximum amount of living substances that are beneficial to the body is preserved. Regular and long-term consumption of this live enzyme drink can move the digestive tract, help with anemia, lower cholesterol or slow down cell aging. At the mental level, it brings fuller sleep, better concentration and improved memory.

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a simple freshwater algae, with a strong ability to detoxify the human body, rid it of heavy metals and other pollutants. Therefore, your body not only nourishes, but also cleanses and gets rid of toxins and other substances that - and believe me - you simply do not want in your body. In addition, it can restore your body 's natural balance , as it prevents over-acidification of the body and has adaptogenic effects. Thanks to the chlorophyll content, Chlorella also has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Its antibacterial effect is also significant.

Chlorella also regulates blood sugar levels and keeps them stable , thus preventing wild wolf hunger from coming if the level fluctuates excessively. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, partially slows down the aging process and reduces the risk of cancer.


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